Traditional Massage

Your massage will be designed with you in mind.

30 Minute (FOCUS) - $45.00

This massage might be just what you need if you have a couple specific areas of concern.

60 Minute - $75.00

When a Focus Massage just won't do, this massage will succeed in making your body feel pampered.

90 Minute - $115.00

This massage is a fantastic way to address areas of concern while still allowing time for your body to unwind and rejuvenate.

115 Minute - $155.00

This massage is the utmost in pampering.


Is a complementary add on to any massage service.

Veriditas by Paranorm is the Organic essential oil line we use.  It is a Minnesota company with strict quality guidelines.  We believe in only the best for our clients.

Stone Massage

Hot stones will be used to manipulate the muscle tissue.

30 Minute - $60.00

Focus work

60 Minute - $90.00


90 Minute - $135.00


* stone massage not recommended during any stage of pregnancy

Prenatal and Postnatal Massage

Massage designed for your changing body.  A cushioning system will be used to ensure comfort for mom and baby.

30 Minute - $45.00

60 Minute - $75.00

90 Minute - $115.00

(established clients may book a 90 minute session, 90 Minute massages are not recommended for first time Prenatal clients.)